A Game of Gods Book Review - by Bob Sharp

A Game of Gods by Sean Michael Paquet

First a confession, this is not my normal genre, fantasy lands filled with strange creatures doesn’t usually buzz my buttons. But this one did, and how. The story grabs you on the first page and doesn’t let go until you are thrown out at the end, wanting more. And as for concepts, this book is crammed full of them, and they all work. I think this is why I enjoyed it more than other book I have read of similar genres.
Sean Michael Paquet paints pictures with words and the world he describes is a fascinating multi-layered construct that is extremely believable. The characters are strong and well formed, and as for the creatures called the Grognaw, it is a truly horrific creation(Or so you are led to believe).
In a nutshell this is a well thought out and written book full of mysterious creatures, some good, some bad and some somewhere in-between.
Well done Sean, a great read all round. More please? Five stars….. Links are below.


Author - Sean Michael Paquet

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