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World Building in Science Fiction and Fantasy - By Sean Michael Paquet

  Hello Everyone! So today, I wanted to give you some of my insight into world-building. Now for some writers, it takes a great deal of time to realize the world in which they want their characters to adventure. For me, this world was part of my imagination form the age of five. For me, it became a fully realized and detailed world where I could escape from reality. That's how I look at it. However, when you decide to utilize that world as the stage for a story that other people will read, realization takes on a whole new meaning. The three fundamental rules that I follow are: 1.        Believability 2.        Consistency 3.        Immersion For my first novel, A Game of Gods, I set the stage very quickly using concepts, imagery, and symbolism that people could readily identify with. In essence, I created a world that already had a lot of real backstories that anyone could research on their own. This was important. I believe that people should be able to ide