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Do Your Research

  Hello everyone, So with my second book, The Jarl's Shadow at the publisher, one would think I would take some time to relax. Maybe watch movies, play video games, or even read books by other authors. No. I am already working on my third book in the trilogy, titled "The Hammer of The Bear." What do I mean by "working?" I could start freewriting to get my ideas down and go with what comes to mind, and yes, I will be doing that. However, the first thing I do before starting a new book is research. The Hammer of the Bear is based around the main character, Adnar Raynecksson. From the beginning of the trilogy in A GAME OF GODS, Adnar is the oldest of three siblings, and he is a Blacksmith by trade.  Since Blacksmithing is his chosen profession, I am researching not only how to do Blacksmithing but also what it takes to be a Blacksmith. I also have the privilege of knowing a childhood friend whose father was an actual blacksmith.  So we have Adnar, the m

The Ressurection

 Hello everyone.  So I decided to resurrect The Authors Life Preserver as a means to convey some of my more lengthy posts. So as of two days ago, my first Book "A GAME OF GODS," will have it's updated format and story available for purchase through multiple platforms in both paperback and ebook format. My second book, The Jarl's Shadow, is also at publishing and will be scheduled for release by the end of December. Of course anyone who follows my Facebook Author Page will be in the know about my recent developments as an author and graphic artist. While this will be a short blog post, I will be more active in the near future. Until then, Blessed be the Balance!